Getting to Kangaroo Valley

Driving to Kangaroo Valley

The Shoalhaven town of Kangaroo Valley is a very unique enclave that is totally surrounded by mountains. With so many gorgeous escarpment views it's little wonder that taking a drive to "The Valley" is a hugely popular weekend activity. There are five different mountain roads available to get there and they all offer a fantastic scenic drive into our beautiful valley. 
However, they also have claimed their fair share of casualties over the years from brake failures, slippery conditions and catastrophic driving mistakes. Needless to say, you need to be very careful when behind the wheel on our country roads, as there are steep grades, hairpin turns and blind corners a-plenty to negotiate.
These mountain roads are steep and narrow, often without centre lines, so make sure to use a low gear, even with your automatic, and do not cross over the road's centre. Doing this usually means you are going too quick and you are likely to cause an accident.

Precious Local Wildlife

When driving in the low light of dawn and dusk it is important to be aware of kangaroos, wombats and other local wildlife. This is their roaming and feeding time. You will likely not see them when they are foraging close to the roads because they move slowly and are well camouflaged.
Common wombats are sturdy and built close to the ground and they can reach between 80 and 130 cm, and weigh between 17 and 40 kg. They will do an awful lot of damage to a vehicle's undercarriage if you accidentally hit one.

We would love to see you all "Arrive Alive" and without incident, so please take care on our roads.

Google My Maps

Below are some Google My Maps of the three most common mountain drives taken to get to the Friendly Inn. They include Berry Mountain, Barrengarry Mountain and Cambewarra Mountain.
The other two mountain drives are from Berry via Woodhill Mountain Rd and from North Nowra via Bugong Rd and Mt. Scanzi Rd. Please note both these roads are not as well maintained and are unsuitable for non-4WD vehicles. The Mt. Scanzi Rd - Bugong Rd route is an unsealed road and may not be open.

Bendeela Recreation Reserve

Also shown is the route from Bendeela Recreation Reserve to The Friendly Inn, for those planning to camp beside the Kangaroo River.

BENDEELA OPEN FOR CAMPING:  As at time of writing 05/11/2000, Due to COVID requirements all campers will be required to book in advance. No camping will be permitted without a booking. Read more on the Water NSW COVID-19 response measures and guide for using facilities. Tap for an Update.

So this means the Bendeela Campground is OPEN. Time to go get your tickets and load up the Bus, Van, Boot , Trailer or whatever and Get Thee To The Valeeey...

Travelling North from Ulladulla Via Bomaderry and Cambewarra Mountain

1hr 14min - 86km

Travelling East from Goulburn Via Exeter and Barrengarry Mountain

1hr 22min - 103km

Travelling South from Sydney Via Moss Vale and Barrengarry Mountain

2hr 9min - 165km

Travelling South from Wollongong Via Berry Mountain

1hr 6min - 79km

Bendeela Recreation Reserve to The Friendly Inn Hotel

12min - 9km

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