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Paul Greene and the Other Colours

There is a story to tell from taking the road less travelled, and Paul Greene has turned that into an art form. From starting his own record label 18 years ago, releasing 8 solo and band albums and an ARIA finalist for best Blues and Roots album that he Produced and recorded himself...


Supports for international Grammy nominated artists Patty Griffin, Alvin Youngblood Hart and Ani Difranco; collaborations with Midnight Oil Members and fronting 80’s rock / Ska icons Spy v Spy - This gifted performer and songwriter would be in the running for most successful Unknown Australian Artist Of 2018... an award, were it to exist, he would be honoured to receive. 

Latest Video

Paul Greene - Some Simplicity (Official Video)

Sounds Delicious

Sounds Delicious is a pop up Dinner and show around the Jervis Bay Area on the South Coast of NSW. Paul as Director and Founder is an enthusiastic cook and caters all his own events with the help of his team.  The menu is designed to have a cultural link to the artist.
The idea behind Sounds Delicious is to create a perfect environment for audience and performer. Its all about quality: Good sound, good food, and a listening audience.. it may sound simple, but this is how you get the best out of an artist, and therefore the best musical experience.
There are two things that inspire PG to run these events. ONE is to provide a friendly place for the community to get to know each other and catch up. The Seccond is that moment that everyone is transported into the world of the artist: space and time are forgotten and a whole room is transfixed. connected.  
SD has hosted Lior, Wendy Mathews, Tex Perkins, Jeff Lang,  Eugene Hideaway Bridges, Neil Murray, Kinky Friedman, Timothy James Bowen, Wes Carr, Lloyd Speigle plus lots more. For the next event and more info go to www.soundsdelicious.com.au or visit on Facebook.. 

Current EP- Nobody Better


Paul Greene - Nobody Better - Available at www.paulgreene.com.au

Released October 2020 and available to purchase on www.paulgreene.com.au.

In The Press

Excerpt from The South Coast Register by Zoe Cartwright. See the full article here.

"Rob Hirst [of Midnight Oil] guided me and a I developed a label back then, so I was making, manufacturing and releasing them myself." Paul Greene

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Paul Greene has spent plenty of time learning how to sing his own tune - now he's working to amplify the voices of others. The musician and Olympic sprinter is also a self-taught recorder and producer.

"Rob Hirst [of Midnight Oil] guided me and a I developed a label back then, so I was making, manufacturing and releasing them myself."
And so Red Shelf Records was born. Mr Greene has worked with a number of local artists, and those further afield.
"And it's always really good fun recording with Rob."


  • Paul Greene is one of the South Coast’s most authentic, independent recording artists. A musician, teacher, producer and promoter.
  • He has recorded extensively these past 18 years and has grown exponentially in both popularity and experience.
  • The band is sure to excite you as he supports our A Day in the Valley - Great Southern Nights event.

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A Day in The Valley
A Day in the Valley
Saturday 21st November 2020
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